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Hi, I'm Samantha Taylor and I'm dedicated to providing quality resources and training to driving instructors.

Client-Centred Learning is my passion because I have seen and experienced the power of helping learner drivers develop self-evaluation skills that empower them to make better decisions about risk, helping to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a serious crash.

If you want to embrace CCL and develop or enhance your skills then please take a look at my products and the courses that I'm currently delivering.

In addition to my own products I am also proud to deliver courses for Tri-Coaching Partnership including 

TCIT Driving Instructor Training

aCCeLerate - A 2 day course 

BTEC4 in Coaching for Driver Development.

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BOOKING NOW aCCeLerate Course - July 8th&11th 2022

Payment options available for only £6 per week!

Each day runs from 10am to 3pm.

The aCCeLerate Course is delivered over 2 days via Zoom and covers practical skills in:

*Feedback for self development and the development of student drivers
*Different communication techniques to address learning styles and create rapport
*Different questioning techniques to target knowledge and behaviour or thoughts and feelings
*Coaching conversations using GROW and essential coaching skills

A workbook gives structure - this is sent to you before the start of the course

The aCCeLerate two-day course is delivered by a team of specially trained, qualified driver coaches, all of whom have gained the BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development.


The content of the two days is:

Day One - Theme for the day: Communication and Feedback

Session 1: Communication techniques
           Learning styles

Session 2: Questioning techniques
           Open and closed questions
           Leading questions
           Embedded command questions
           Questions to target thoughts and feelings 

Session 3: Using feedback for the development of the student driver
           Active listening

Reflective Log and Action Plan


Day Two - Theme for the day: Feedback and Coaching Conversations

Session 1: Using feedback for personal self-development

            Emotional intelligence
           Great coaching qualities
           Strengths, development needs and limitations

Session 2: Feedback methods for a student-centred approach
           Praise sandwich
           Eliciting feedback

Session 3: GROW and essential coaching skills

Personal Development Plan

Certificate of Completion